Business, Media and Law

On this page you can find information and tips specifically for students and staff of the International Business study programme and Windesheim Honours College

Internet sources


  • In the Nexis Uni database, you can find complete articles from, among others, international newspapers and magazines. This is useful for an initial exploration of a subject.
  • The A-Z list contains all (scientific) magazines from our databases listed by magazine title. You can also search by subject, such as Business & Economics
  • (click on a subtopic, e.g. management or marketing).
  • Safari Books contains English-language e-books on information technology, programming, digital media, e-business and software applications.7
  • The database ‘Get the lead’ comprises worldwide addresses of companies. You can filter on, for example, sector or country. This is a very useful source for drafting an export plan.
  • There are different ways in which you can search for scientific information; more information can be found here

Visual material

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